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In the following months AAS Ltd will be running an awareness campaign to highlight the importance of testing and maintaining your house smoke alarms.

A smoke alarm can buy you valuable seconds when needing to escape a fire and if it has not been sited correctly or is poorly maintained then this increases the likelihood of you becoming a victim as the result of a house fire.

In the event of a house fire, you might be led to believe that the smoke would wake you and give you and your family time to escape. Unfortunately this is not the case after just two or three breaths of toxic smoke you will be unconscious. Your lungs fill up and you can’t breathe, very much like drowning.

Reports in recent years show that 63% of battery powered smoke alarms did not work due to missing batteries and 43% of mains smoke alarms did not operate correctly due ineffective positioning.

Very rarely do people check or maintain their alarms, as long as it is not making any noises they assume that it will work in the case of a fire. Another very important fact is that smoke alarms do not last forever and it is recommended by most manufactures that they be changed after 10 years.

Here at AAS Ltd we are turning our years of experience within the industrial market to offer you advice on maintenance or replacement services to make your home as safe as it can possibly be in the event of a fire.

We can fully service your alarms, testing them with a smoke simulation tool that will give you piece of mind that your smoke alarm will work in the case of a fire. It is all very well pressing the test button on your smoke alarm weekly but this is only introducing an electrical circuit to make the noise. Our service will offer a full clean, battery test, smoke test and any additional advice on the coverage in your home. This could include things such as the use of CO2 alarms or specialist systems for the deaf or hard of hearing with the use of vibrating pillows and high powered strobes.

We offer reasonably priced testing and maintenance from £20 per smoke alarm and £5 each one thereafter within the same property. Replacement mains smoke alarms can be supplied & fitted from as little as £40 each and only £25 per battery operated smoke alarm (all prices listed are excluding vat).

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